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Hippo Video for Outreach

Breathe life into Outreach’s automated sequences with personalized videos. Engage better with prospects, get more responses and close more deals.

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Engage EffectivelyEngage EffectivelyEngage Effectively

Engage Effectively

Looking to ramp-up email responses & engagement with prospects? Send 1:1 personalized video messages to prospects by quickly recording one using a webcam within outreach.

Engage EffectivelyEngage EffectivelyEngage Effectively

Personalize at Scale

Create email templates by inserting video from the hippo video library available within outreach. Send out a single video email to multiple prospects by personalising it with their name, email id, company name etc.

Personalize at ScalePersonalize at ScalePersonalize at ScalePersonalize at Scale
Personalize at Scale
Educate ProspectsEducate Prospects

Educate Prospects

Keep prospects in the know about your products or services by including personalized sales pages in emails. Add quick video intros, product demos, customer testimonials on the same page and personalize it by adding title, company logo & contact information.

Educate ProspectsEducate Prospects

Trigger Responses

Nudge prospects to take action by adding an interactive call to action buttons within videos. Secure more appointments and close deals faster.

Trigger ResponsesTrigger Responses
Qualify with Analytics

Qualify with Analytics

With Hippo Video’s real-time analytics data on video views and watch percentage, qualify your leads better and move them through the funnel faster.

Qualify with Analytics

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